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Fifi Rong

Music was once an impossible dream. But now, it’s my calling to bring REAL Chinese Heritage infused **Avant-Pop music onto the world stage. Growing up in a culture of conformity and collectivism, I had this soul-tormenting dilemma of wanting to devote my life to music while deeply believing not only I wasn't good enough for it, it’d also be way too selfish to do so.  After decades of internal and external struggles from China to the UK, I finally freed myself for music, and now music is freeing me for a life of possibilities. And now I've made it a mission to help as many other independent artists as possible to free themselves, pursue and live off their greatest passion. Having chosen to be a full-time independent music artist , FREEDOM is my top value I hold dearly in every sense of the word. With no middlemen and no filter, I'm a one woman army running my own freedom music factory. I blend Pop, Alt R&B, Ambient Electronica, Dub and dark UK underground sounds with a tint of Vermilion in my blood. So if you resonate with what I've said in this short manifesto, get on board and journey with me for full of adventures ahead! fifi xx<3


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