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"Hopium" is the latest EP I wrote, recorded and produced. It’s the first installment of the 7 EP series called “Qi:7”. It delves into the struggles and emotional journey of surviving in the music industry, addressing the pain and disappointment of trying to follow my dreams and make a career in a broken system, as well as the guilt of not being able to repay my family in China. The EP also explores the societal, family, peer, financial and internal pressures of pursuing a career in music.

Despite the dark themes, there is a glimmer of hope in the lyrics as I hold on to the light and wait for a chance for life to change. "Hopium" is my tribute to the resilience and strength it takes to survive in the music industry. The underlying emotion of "Hopium" corresponds to the root chakra. It’s one of wounded determination as I grapple with fear, despair, insecurity, heartbreaks, and feelings of inadequacy.

More about Qi:7

Qi:7 is a self-produced music project that guides listeners through the stages of my spiritual awakening as I transitioned from web2 to web3. Each EP delves into the unique and complex experiences of my spiritual growth, organized into the 7 chakras from root to crown, with "Hopium" being the first installment of this series. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and introspection with the rest of the Qi:7.

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