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In the artist’s words: “I’m so excited to be the first artist to test the Nifty Music Floor Drops, and I hope this new innovative approach will work for many other web3 music artists to come!

I picked my new single ‘Other Side‘, which is a very special one for me. It’s one of my first songs that’s been reworked into a 2023 edition to reflect my latest level of production and mixing skills, and showcase how far I’ve come since then. And, with the mastering expertise of Peter Mayer, a world-renowned mastering engineer who has worked with top artists like U2, The Rolling Stones and Lana Del Rey, I’m happy to say that it’s sounding FIRE!!

As I came to the UK from China, my world views, self-identity, and value systems were in disarray. My young life was a puzzle of unresolved issues and contradictions. I struggled with the clash of Eastern and Western cultures, where to stand between collectivism and individualism, and the confusion between fatalism and free will.

Scared, lost and confused, I faced the unknown world, the ‘Other Side’ representing the duality, the unknown and unseen, my own shadow.

The song is about this inner journey I took, the courage to face my fears, the struggles and the hope that I found.”

– Fifi Rong

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