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Have you ever fallen in love?
Isn’t it absolutely exhilarating yet terrifying?

Love Letters takes you through the whole journey with handcrafted musical notes that grab you by the heartstrings.

Vowing never to say “love” in Josh’s early songwriting career, it became the only word that did justice to this catalogue of songs.

Love Letters is a Music NFT collection based on 8 songs by Josh Savage, featuring a variety of musical versions accompanying each track. This unique collection showcases both lyrical and/or illustrative artworks inspired by each song.

Love Letters was brought to life by the handwritten letters that Josh wrote back and forth to his pen-pal half a world away before and during the pandemic.

Included songs:

  • Young Fools
  • In Too Deep
  • Someone to Miss
  • Compass in the Dark
  • Don't Mind the Rain
  • Stay Away
  • How Far I've Come
  • Imprint

More about Josh:

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888 unique artworks, created with love, by hand on paper, with real physical objects, then photographed and framed!



  • Holders of at least 1 NFT = Access to future projects, holders-only concerts and token-gated content.
  • Holders of at least 2 NFTs = Access to vocal stems + non-exclusive license of the albums' music for use in personal projects(**) + All of the above.
  • Holders of one of each arrangement (piano, guitar, studio) = FREE mint of the full NFT album + All of the above.
  • Holders of one of each song (any rarity) = All of the above.
  • Holders of any "Gold Paper" NFTs = All of the above.
  • Holders of all the choruses of a song = Deluxe package download, with unreleased demos of each song + All of the above.


  • Holders of a complete set of lyrics for one song = Signed physical copy of the lyrics mailed to your address + All of the primary perks.
  • Holders of one of each song PLUS one of 1/1 illustrated NFTs = A custom song written for you + All of the basic perks.
  • Holders of at least a 1 of 1 piece = Claim a signed print of the original artwork + All of the primary perks.
  • Holders of at least one "Gold Frame" NFT = Free VIP tickets for two for any headline show + All of the primary perks.

Mint Bosses(*)

Top 10 referrers = Opportunity to claim a signed, physical print of any NFTs you hold from "Love Letters".
Top 5 referrers = Opportunity to be an extra in a future music video.
Top 3 referrers = Penpal, postcards from Josh's travels.

(*) Mint Bosses are collectors with a special link that allows them to refer people to the mint page. When a person mints through a referral link, the Mint Boss gets 0.015 ETH (per mint) sent to their address and the referred person gets a 15% discount on the mint price.

(**) Use in commercial projects is possible but must be previously discussed with Josh Savage and his team. Personal projects must credit Josh Savage and must not be used for hate, racist, defamatory content, bullying, etc..

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🥇 Each token is absolutely unique, displaying a combination of the following music and art layers. 🥇

The music layer

Each of the 8 songs appears throughout the collection in three different versions:

  • Acoustic (Piano + vocals)
  • Acoustic (Guitar + vocals)
  • Full production (full band)

Some of these version are common, some are rare.

The art layer

Different lyrics, paper, doodles, objects, artworks, frames, etc., appear in many different variations throughout the collection.
Some traits are common, others are extremely rare!

🚫 The full rarity structure will be revealed only after sold-out. 🚫

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