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Hello dear friends, 

You may know me from my daily Rae's hang Twitter Spaces, or Intimate Piano Recordings—a series of 3 music NFT collections that sold out within 24-hours and charted #2 on OpenSea, or as the first musician on Glass Protocol, or a 50 second sellout on, or maybe we even met IRL at one of the events I organized during NFT NYC or NFT Seattle. 

Whichever it was, I'm so happy you're here! 

Rae Isla's Rocks is a 1,000 Music NFT collection for music lovers, rock hounds, and web3 believers. It features 111 unique rocks from my real life collection, attached to 4 fully produced studio songs from my forthcoming album, and a combination of unique visual traits that come with their own significance and IRL activations. 

The album was recorded in Mexico City. I lived in an old house in Condesa for 1 year with my producer Pablo Valero (of the renowned band Santa Sabina) where we built an analogue studio on the first floor and literally lived the songs. I discovered web3 during this time, which inspired me to give it my all to finish the album.

Why rocks? I used to collect rocks as a kid, but like many of us over the years, I was told that certain things have value and other things do not. So I stopped. During the pandemic, I drove across the country with my brother and for some reason started collecting rocks again. Maybe it was the “world stopping” or being on the open road, but since then I’ve been living with this new feeling that we get to decide what has value in our lives, not other people.

The artwork is a collaboration between my brother Lucas and I. All of the traits and rarities capture the story and essence of my songs and journey as an artist. I want this project to inspire others to create and find their childhood selves.

The mint will be "blind". Everyone who holds an NFT will get a song attached to a piece of rock art, and be given future access to other songs from my album as it rolls out. I want this collection to literally build a rock solid community of people I can bring with me as I grow Rae Isla as a project and create experiences for us to enjoy together. You are my rocks. 

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I think of traits as “opportunities for activation”. As I go out into the world creating IRL value for this community, knowing holders hold certain aspects of my story (hands, rocks, emotions, nature, songs) will enable me to activate certain traits as they become relevant in real time. That said, rae-wards are super fun, so here are some:

All rock holders get added to my Collector’s Only Mailer, private discord, and will receive first access to future drops, merchandise releases, concerts, collabs, and more.

2 NFTs - Holders of 2 or more NFTs get access to all my concerts, including twice per year Seattle hometown shows, which will be live streamed by a professional film crew.

3 songs - Holders of all 3 songs (not counting Miles and Miles) will get 3 free mints from my next collection.

Star Hand and Lunar Frame - Holders of an NFT with the Star hand or Lunar frame will get access to any vinyl or merch at just the cost of production.

6 Frames - Holders of all 6 frames will get a mint and vinyl of my full album.

The Hands - Holders of all 9 Hand traits will get to be a part of my Core Rock Circle. More on this soon…

111 Rocks - If you manage to collect all 111 rocks then hot damn we’re going to make it a yearly plan to go together to The Gem Show in Tucson Arizona.

1/1s - There are four 1/1s attached to the song Miles & Miles. This NFT grants you VIP guest list for life as well as a mint and vinyl of my full album.

*Each 1/1 comes with additional rare utility, specific to the artwork. Revealing after mint out.


  • 111 rocks
    • 1 thru 111
  • 9 Hands
    • Skin
    • Metal
    • Water
    • Moss
    • Magma
    • Storm
    • Ice
    • Gold
    • Stardust
  • 6 Frames
    • Dry Lake
    • Canyon
    • Glacier
    • Ocean
    • Volcano
    • Lunar
  • 6 Emotions
    • Wistful
    • Hopeful
    • Lonely
    • Love
    • Sad
    • Euphoric
  • 3 R Stickers
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Copper
    • None
  • 4 Songs
    • Downpour
    • Question for my Father
    • The Gardener
    • Miles & Miles (4/4)

Here for a good time, and a long time. I'll never give up.

Planned Collaborations (so far)

Partnership with geologist Cate Larson to share the project with her web2 audience and educate them about NFTs via geology. Once minted out, we will work to ID each rock. Certain holders will get an additional airdropped NFT with their rock analysis.

1/1 Sketch Collaboration with Kris K from Bull Market Girlfriends. A version of the artwork will be minted through their project, helping to bridge the web3 art and music scenes.

  • many more fun projects to be announced.

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