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We are happy to deliver one of the first steps of our roadmap! To reward our faithful hodlers and collectors we want to provide you with an exclusive free mint, to give you something extra to add to your collection.

The free mint involves the holders that have either all 5 songs (any rarity), ruby frames, silver frames, gold frames, or all 9 frames.

There will be 2 mint lists (different buttons):

  • 5 songs, ruby, silver, gold frames: 1 album NFT
  • 9 frames: 1 ultra rare acoustic NFT + 2 album NFTs

Mint explained:

📀 -5 SONGS, RUBY, SILVER, GOLD FRAMES: 1 album NFT In order to reward the holders of 5 songs, ruby, silver and gold frames, said holders will be able to mint 1 NFT including the whole album, for each entitled NFT they hold. Meaning, for each 5 pack, each ruby, each silver, and each gold, you’ll be entitled to 1 album NFT.

🤷‍♀️ Example: I own 5 songs, one of them is a ruby. How many album NFTs am I entitled to mint? You will be able to mint 2. One for the 5 songs, and one for the ruby within those 5 songs.

👑 Legendary auctions After the mint, we will be minting 5 extra Ultra Rare acoustic NFTs (that may or may not have an additional trait 😉 ), and auction them off over the following weeks, in ways we are yet to reveal. We will give you more information as we get closer to the time.

🏆** 9 FRAMES SET: 1 ultra rare acoustic NFT + 2 album NFTs** To reward those who went the extra mile and collected all 9 frames (amber to gold), said holders will be entitled to mint 1 ultra rare acoustic NFT per 9 frame set. Additionally, 9 frames holders, are entitled 2 extra album NFT, on top of the ones they will mint for having rubies, silvers and golds (which you must have to collect 9 frames) and 5 songs. The ultra rare acoustic NFTs will be minted randomly. Meaning the rule for 5 songs and frames applies to 9 frames holders and, for each set of 9 frames, you will get 1 ultra rare acoustic song + 2 extra album NFT.

🤷‍♀️ Example: I own 2 sets of 9 frames. Within those two 9 frames set there are 5 songs in each. So that means I have 2 sets of 5 songs, 2 sets of 9 frames, 2 rubies, 2 silvers and 2 golds. What do I get? You will be entitled to mint 12 album NFTs + 2 ultra rare acoustic NFTs.

You will be able to use the same wallet for each mint list, and claim multiple times from the same wallet, so there will be no need for you to move Moonshots around different wallets.

All tokens will be ERC-11 55.

👀** Additional info** We hope that you will enjoy these album NFTs, weather you want to sell them, keep them, gift them to someone to let them in the community. The album NFTs will allow you to listen to the album all the way through, which will be very useful not only for yourself, but for others who might wanna buy them from you to get all 5 songs in one go! This makes these album NFTs really valuable.

Regarding the Acoustic/Sketch NFTs, they will be ULTRA RARE. We will only mint as many as there are 9 frame holders, and obviously in order to have 9 frames you have to have a gold. So that means there will be a maximum of 71 Acoustic NFTs ( probably a lot less). It will be that limited of a collection, and the mint will be random. This will make this NFTs incredibly rare and valuable, also because they will have the OG version of the artwork, and super raw version of the song. Directly from me to you.

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